Interpreting for Business Meetings

Better understanding means better business success

Our business interpreters aren't just there to translate from one language to another – they’re partnering with you to keep your lines of communications open and clear.

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We offer different types of business meeting interpretation, depending on your requirements:

  • Simultaneous interpretation: for conferences and other large meetings, where our teams of interpreters work in soundproof booths providing an immediate translation broadcast to delegates' headsets.
  • Consecutive interpretation: for smaller meetings such as sales presentations and negotiations. The speaker pauses to allow our interpreter to provide a translation of what's just been said.
  • Whispering (or "chuchotage”): for individuals requiring interpretation during small meetings. Our interpreter sits with the person and translates what's being said, as it's being said, in a low voice.
  • Liaison / bilateral interpretation:for smaller - and often less formal - meetings, where our interpreter translates for each speaker in turn.
  • Tour guide interpretation: for groups on the move, who receive our interpreter's translation via headsets.

Our interpreters are carefully selected for their:

  • Specialist background knowledge (including specific industry terminology)
  • Knowledge of cultural differences
  • Awareness of linguistic subtleties in both the source and the target language
  • Ability to pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues

All our interpretation services come fully equipped, from a few tour guide headsets to a fully-equipped, fully staffed conference setup (including the sound engineering staff).

And to ensure total clarity, we can also provide printed translations of handouts and any other resources meeting attendees will be requiring.


Looking for an experienced translation company to handle your next translation project? We can help! Find out more about our premier services by calling us at +44 (0)20 3940 3255. You can also email us at info@universallanguagesolutions.co.uk. To get an estimate for our services, please complete our free quote form to get an instant quote.

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Why Our Customers Love Us!

Why Our Customers Love Us!

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