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Interpreting is used widely for international conferences, but also for business and legal meetings, as well as in education and training, the media, international politics and even state visits.

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We offer two types of interpretation: Consecutive interpretation, where the interpreter:

  • Notes what the speaker is saying
  • Waits for a gap in the speech
  • Presents an interpretation based on those notes when the speaker pauses

Simultaneous interpretation, where the interpreters:

  • Work in alone or with a partner for longer assignments
  • Are stationed in a soundproof booth or in a quiet part of the meeting room
  • Listen to the speaker through a headset
  • Simultaneously interpret into a microphone …

… and the interpretation is broadcast to the delegates

Our specialist interpreters:

  • Are degree-level educated
  • Have had the highest level of training the industry can provide
  • Keep their cool in stressful situations
  • Use their voice effectively
  • Quickly analyse the speaker’s words and communicate the idea behind themperfectly
We supply and install equipment needed for all interpretation situations:

  • Soundproof booths or tour guide systems
  • Microphones
  • Headsets
  • Sound consoles – and the engineers to operate them …

… for conferences and audiences of any size.


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Why Our Customers Love Us!

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